Ganado Advocates is Malta’s first law firm to invest in sustainable mobility

Ganado Advocates is Malta’s first law firm to invest in sustainable mobility

Ganado Advocates’ ethos is deeply intertwined with environmental, social and governance (ESG) concerns, advocating the notion that getting your ESG priorities right creates value.

Being at the vanguard of sustainable mobility, our firm, through the launch of this e-bike sharing programme, can be regarded as a prime mover on the Maltese islands in promoting the culture shift towards cycling, which is the mode of transport leading the world’s revolution in mobility. In the face of what the world is experiencing in terms of climate change, and considering what we are experiencing locally in terms of excessive road building, environmental degradation, constant heavy traffic and parking problems, the firm acknowledges the importance of being committed to promoting more accessible and efficient mobility, which is more respectful of the environment – and this is visible through this cycling initiative, involving the purchase of four e-bikes to be used by staff and lawyers for their daily commutes.

“As we shift to more sustainable modes of transport, the biggest battle we face is to move away from our over reliance on cars – especially from a cultural perspective”, says Nikolai Lubrano, lawyer at Ganado Advocates with a keen interest in sustainability. “Ganado Advocates understand this cultural difficulty and is doing its part by encouraging people within the firm to use e-bikes and other alternative means of transport that reduce our impact on the environment and which equally benefit our physical and mental well-being.”

Mid-December last year, we have seen the European Commission presenting its strongest commitment to cycling to date through the launch of “Efficient and Green Mobility” package advocating the increase for a “better infrastructure for walking and cycling”.

Every big impact starts with a small change – Join us on our ESG journey and help us promote sustainable mobility through cycling.

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