INTERVIEW: Why Choose MK Services for Company Formation in Malta

INTERVIEW: Why Choose MK Services for Company Formation in Malta

By: Jonathan Said, COO @ Michael Kyprianou, Advocates & Legal Consultants

We ask questions to Mr Jonathan Said about Company Formation in Malta. Mr Said is Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the MK Group, made up of a legal assistance arm and a Corporate Service Provider (CSP). We will learn why and how Malta is a top destination for Company Formation, especially if you wish to expand your services and acquire access to the EU’s Single Market.

If you wish to start the process right away, you can contact us at or call us on +356 2016 1010 for your tailored assistance.

  1. Why Should Businesses Consider the Onset of Company Formation in Malta?
    J.S. - First of All, we’re in the middle of the Mediterranean, and we are extremely well connected to all three continents (Asia, Africa, Europe). Whether it be by air or by sea, one is just a 3 to 4-hour flight away. Second, with English as our official language it is easy to assimilate, together with exceptional weather throughout the year and the business-friendly environment our small island Nation provides. Third, and perhaps most important, is that we are an EU Member state and we have one of the top EU jurisdictions for tax incentives.

  2. Why is it so Important for Firms to know that Malta forms part of the EU ?
    J.S. - Access to the Single Market of course! Malta is a gateway to Europe and any business outside the EU looking to expand would surely consider having a foothold in Europe and the EU to diversify their product sales or services. This works, of course, hand in hand with the freedom of movement EU Regulations provide (Schengen Agreement). Notwithstanding, the Euro is our currency and in Malta especially we have lower costs of living and business operations compared to other EU member states.
    Remember that in Malta, licences in general are valid for the entire EU, with the advantage of lower costs for obtaining and administrating the authorisation compared to other EU countries. Whether online gaming, shipping, airline, or investment funds, Malta offers the passport to the EU/EEA market at reasonable costs. For IPOs, a combination with the first listing in Malta and a second listing on a larger EU stock exchange might be much cheaper than a single listing on the larger exchange.

  3.  What Sets Malta Apart from Other EU Member States? 
    J.S. - Malta's corporate tax rate is the most attractive criterion for investing in the country, but let’s start from the basics. Malta has a diversified economy with strong sectors such as Finance, IT and Gaming. We have stellar health and education infrastructure and systems in place, together with a well-educated multilingual workforce.
    Now, the crux of the package though is surely the taxation regime for companies in Malta. Registering a company in Malta means that your business can benefit from Malta’s tax advantages. Apart from being in full conformity with EU legislation, we have 70 Double Taxation agreements that allow for tax rates as low as 5%. Undoubtedly, this adds a great deal of value to any Malta-based operation.
    But there are other incentives! Recently, Malta adopted a measure in which Non-Europeans who want to bring their startups to Malta can now benefit from a three-year residency permit for themselves and their immediate family. This is just a new addition to the already attractive Residency Schemes we have in Malta! There are also a number of ways the state can help Company Formation in Malta, with rebates and/or financial help and other supportive measures via our business incubation centre.

  4.  Why Should I Choose MK Services for My Company Formation in Malta?
    J.S. - That’s easy. We’re a complete one-stop shop for our clients. We not only provide advice and administration services as a CSP, but we also hand-hold our clients during and after the application process with the respective government entities and authorities.
    We offer a vast range of services for corporate customers and high network individuals; from company formations, GDPR, accounts & audits, Compliance, and licensing specialised for gaming in different jurisdictions. The same applies for residency requirements and immigration issues. In addition, we offer legal assistance through our legal firm, Michael Kyprianou Advocates and Legal Consultants, should the need arise.

Clients also seek MK services for our global outreach and experience. Michael Kyprianou is a firm with 33 years of experience with offices in Cyprus, Greece, Ukraine, Dubai, London, Frankfurt and Malta. In conclusion, we aim to provide a simple, yet effective service to our customers so that they can get all the required services under one roof!


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