Further investment in innovation can take Gozo’s economy to the next level

"Investing in innovation can help Gozo tackle the challenges it faces due to double insularity," MEP Miriam Dalli said during a meeting with Gozitan entrepreneurs who are investing €12 million in developing a complex for tourism purposes. This investment aimed at developig gastronomic tourism is expected to be a first in Malta and it can help Gozitan farmers to remain competitive.

At the Gozitano complex, which is set for an extensive renovation, MEP Miriam Dalli saw how traditional products are being manufactured and how these can help Gozitan farmers in innovating to sustain their markets. Miriam Dalli praised the sense of innovation shown by Gozitan entrepreneurs who are investing in new niche economic sectors.

Dr Dalli said that “the efforts by Gozitan entrepreneurs to help promote innovation in Gozo are commendable. Traditional sectors  should modernise their practices to be able to adapt themselves to currebt needs. The aim of the Gozitano project to develop a gastronomic tourism niche market can further promote Gozitan traditional produce and can eventually not only result in a tourism boost for the island, but can also helps farmers and villagers to remain competitive in a sustainable way.”

Abraham Said, one of the entrepreneurs behind the project, outlined how tourists will have the opportunity to witness and learn about the process followed in producing typical Gozitan foods. On completion, the project is expected to create around 80 new job places. 

MEP Miriam Dalli emphasised that the present economic growth being experienced in Gozo is greatly welcomed whilst she highlighted the need to continue addressing the double insularity issue as there are still many young Gozitans who feel that they cannot have a future in their own island.

“European policy needs to take into account the different circumstances experienced by an island like Gozo and adopt specific and adequate measures. We need to be innovative and through greater collaboration between the Government and the private sector we must help new businesses flourish in order to create more jobs for the Gozitans, particularly for the younger generations,” MEP Dalli said.

Miriam Dalli emphasized that she remains committed to continue working in the European Parliament so as to address this reality in order to ensure that Gozo’s specific circumstances are properly addressed.

Source: Independent


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