Chamber of Advocates

chamber of advocates

The Chamber of Advocates  represents all registered advocates in Malta and acts on their behalf when lobbying and negotiating with the Government and other regulatory authorities. 

The Chamber date back from 1877 and is an autonomous body which strives to deliver a structure confirming that advocates performs within the prerequisite standards of ethics and professionalism with their clients and with their peers. There are around 800 registered lawyers in Malta as members of the Chamber.

The Kamra operates from offices in the Law Courts, Republic Street in Valletta.

The organization is operating as volunteer and non-political non-Governmental. The income of the organization is coming from the fees members pays but also from different funds upturned from the activities it arranges. By law the Chamber is recognized as the consultative and sharing representative of advocates in matters related to the administration of justice.

The Chamber of advocates in Malta  has an informative, a lobbying, a consulting and to some point a regulative role. In the same time the Maltese Chamber of Advocates is responsible to guide advocates about the appropriate exercise of the profession but also the public regarding professional ethics.

Among the Chamber’s activities is to organize lectures, seminars and various conferences that should update the profession .

The Committee of the chamber is consisted of 11 members who are elected for a 2 years period.

The Chamber of Advocates or else the Kamra tal – Avukati in Maltese is also responsible to organize seminars,  and conferences in order to inform its members about any updates in regards to the legal profession or regarding practical and of procedural law.

Benefits of becoming a member of the Chamber of Advocates

There are numerous benefits of becoming a member of the Chamber. First of all any advocate will be represented by a professional and recognized body that strive to support the interests of the profession. As a member you will also be able to get advice in regards to any matter regarding the profession and will have free access to international due-diligence reporting service. From an economical aspect you will be offered special discount for the various seminars or events the Chamber organizes, you can use the offices which are administrated by the Chamber and you’ ll get free subscription to the local magazine Law and Practice.

The Chamber of Advocates upholds an enlightening website which is dedicated to the profession and include a directory with the members as well. The directory with all members of the Chamber is accessible to the public while private members can see all lawyers known to the Chamber of Advocates. The website provides also a good variety of legal documents such as the code of ethics, the warrant examination papers, Guidelines on Fees to be charged by Advocates for services they provide and much more. From the website you can also be informed about the various events the Chamber organizes, news job vacancies and other.

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