Citizenship & Residence in Malta

Citizenship is the legal bond between an individual and the state which is derived from the legislation. According to the Maltese law, one can become a citizen by birth or through naturalization.

Maltese citizenship by naturalization or registration means that a person meets the condition provided by law and hence, upon application, acquires the citizenship.


Maltese citizenship and residence matters fall under the ministry of Home affairs and national security. An individual is eligible for Maltese citizenship through naturalization if he has lived in the country for a period of five years prior to application. They are also required to be of good conduct. However, the minister has the discretion to grant citizenship. The acceding of the request has to be in accordance with law. Children of the Maltese citizens who did not acquire citizenship through birth or cannot apply for registration by decent can acquire citizenship through naturalization. Such people and family members can acquire the citizenship via naturalization through the Individual investor program which has been introduced in the Maltese citizen registration. A person must show proof of residing in Malta for s periodic 12 months prior to issuance of a certificate of notarization.

Registration & Investment program

Spouses of Maltese citizens can also acquire citizenship through registration if they satisfy the given conditions. Similarly, people of the Maltese descent cab acquire citizenship through registration if they can prove the documentary evidence of the descent. The Malta residence and Visa programme offer non-Maltese people EU residence card. They, however, have to purchase property worth EUR 320 000 or property lease of EUR 12,000 per year. A person can also get citizenship through Malta citizenship by investment programme. The applicant is required make at least EUR 350,000 property investment or enter a € 16000 per annum five-year property rental programme. They are also required to contribute to the national development and social fund.

In conclusion, it is advisable to incorporate the services of the immigration advocates. They will help you to efficiently deal with the legal requirements. Malta is an ideal place for retirement, business and investment. These are because of it a member of both the Schengen area and European Union. It also boasts of excellent education, strong and secure economy as well as political stability.

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