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There are approximately 800 advocates in Malta according to the Chamber of Advocates whereof 300 are women. Malta lawyers work are regulated by the Code of Ethics and the Conduct of Advocates.

According to the code of ethics an advocate should always be in the position to provide objective and truthful advice to the client unaffected from any external interests who can decline the client’s position and subsequently the advocate’s professionalism.

Malta lawyers cannot receive services of any person who accepts in return for a fee or remuneration of any kind to find clients for an advocate.

A Maltese lawyer cannot terminate a cooperation with clients unless he gives a rational notice. In such case the lawyer must return all papers or properties involved 

The lawyer must not act for two or more clients where it exist a conflict of interest  and must be able to keep any information regarding the client and its case confidential and certify that his or her employees does the same. The confidentiality principal must be kept even after the termination of the cooperation or until the client permits disclosure or ignores the confidentiality.

If the clients do not wish to make his address official the lawyer is obliged to keep such information unrevealed.

Lawyers must not act towards anyone in any way which is fraudulent or else contrary to the appropriate exercise of the profession as advocates.  The advocates should not use their position to take discriminating advantage either it for themselves or another person.

If they discovers that anotherparty is represented by an unqualified person, then he must avoid to communicate with the unqualified person without declining his clients interests. They are allowed to interview and take statements from anyone but can not question the other party without the presence of his or her lawyer.

If the lawyer understands that  his client intends to bear false witness or deceive the Court in some kind of way then the lawyer shall terminate the provided services to the client if the client remains strong-minded to do so.

It’s also clearly stated in the Code of Conduct that the advocate should always be suitably dressed in Court.

An advocate should also be careful with information disclosed to the press. Lawyers must not publish any content that affects the fair trial of a case which has not yet been settled.

Lawyers in Malta are considered highly professionals, speak in average 3 languages fluently and are strictly regulated from the Chamber of Advocates of Malta who functions as a guard of the legal system.

Malta lawyers are talented and skilled and have an extensive experience in business, tax and corporate law due to the high interest of various business people around the world for decades now to trust Malta to incorporate their businesses.

Malta lawyers provide legal advice and embrace each case with devotion. It is well known that small communities gives an exceptional value to their reputation that’s an additional motive why Maltese  lawyers protect their work  and character and treat each client with special concern.

Due to the high stream of work in the area of real estate,  investment and financial services  legal firms in Malta has got highly specialized and experienced in these fields and can assist you  either with advice or providing you a strategic plan of how to invest either in Malta or abroad. The financial services sector is measured as one of the main pillars of the Maltese economy. Many legal firms are in the positions to advise and assist various financial entities either it is a investment services company, insurance company, financial or credit institution or collective investment schemes.

You can also find a large number of advocates specialized in trust law, intellectual property, ship and yacht registration. In regards to shipping law it should be noted that Malta has become the 6th largest Merchant ship register center in the world and the 1st in Europe.  Intellectual property has been proven necessary for every business that wishes to beat the competition and safeguard their name, logo trademark or any other invention. In a globalized society where competition prevails intellectual property rights has become more important than ever.

Other areas of legal practice where Maltese lawyers possess an advantageous know-how is immigration law due to the favorable “citizenship by investment” program. All after 2013 when the Government of Malta introduced the ‘Individual Investor Program of the Republic of Malta a large wave of investors especially from the Middle East and Asia seeks to invest in Malta in order to acquire the Maltese citizenship. The Malta Investor Program scheme grants the Malta citizenship to foreign individuals and families, who contributes to the economic development of Malta. This means that the applicant can invest in stocks or bonds for at least €150 000, buying a property for at least €350 000, lease a property for at least €16 000 annually or contribute to the national economic, social development  fund the amount of €650 000.

Noteworthy is also the fact that the distant Malta iGaming industry has progressed promptly since 2000 as Malta is the only country within the European Union that regulates remote igaming. Gaming Authority has received more than 500 igaming applications by businesses wishing to operate remote gaming companies in Malta. Consequently legal firms following the trends have specialized in the field of interactive igaming which include online casinos, casino-style games, betting exchanges and lotteries.

Maltese lawyers are also well connected with the word, have representatives or associates in other countries and an extensive network of partners around the world. They also give a significant value at continued education and each prestigious firm invests in education, participates in various training programs and other legal or business related seminars.

In conclusion, choosing a lawyer in Malta has multiple advantages. Either you would like to buy a property, register your ship, open a remote iGaming company or incorporate your business you can be sure that you will find a large competition of high legal professionals waiting to assist you.

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