Keep costs low with virtual administration

Keep costs low with virtual administration

By: Fairwinds Management Ltd

Virtual office services are on the increase since it has been very difficult to find employees locally, and if opting for foreign employees, there is a huge waiting time to obtain work permits and travel visas, over and above the heavy application procedures.

Administration tasks are time-consuming especially if you are a one-man band starting up your business. Tasks like running errands, diary management, marketing, administration, are important but non-essential tasks because these can be easily outsourced. Instead, the essential tasks for the business owner are others, such as the development of the business and sales.

Business growth related to the core function of the business and its productivity are important to grow the business.

By relying on a virtual assistant, you will enjoy all the benefits of having an employee without all the burdens that this brings along. To start with, when outsourcing, a company only needs to pay for the time in which tasks are carried out, so eventually it is cheaper to outsource tasks rather than employing a full-time administrative person as both sick and vacation leave are not to be paid in this case.

Virtual services vary from administrative tasks to more complex jobs. Some examples are:

  • Business correspondence drafting
  • Diary management
  • Invoicing and debt collection
  • Database creation and management
  • Travel assistance services

Opting to outsource virtual administration services comes with numerous benefits, some of them being:

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Lower the costs by reducing the costs of employing full time employees
  • Maintain a professional image
  • Dedicated phone line so you don’t miss any important calls
  • Focus on your core business
  • Overcome financial burdens

Fairwinds Management Limited, through Admin Genie, is one of the most organised firms offering virtual assistance that offers a time saver, efficient and powerful service, allowing you to breathe once again and help your business flourish.

Article written by Ms Charlene Sciberras, B.A. (Hons), guest writer, a marketing and business administration specialist with a special focus on corporate, accounting, and legal matters.

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