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This package includes:

  • Company name, Business  profile, Logo, Brief description of your business, services and areas of  practice, Telephone, Fax, Address, Email, Website, Contact person,  Picture
  • Exposure of your employees, their qualifications, contact details and areas of practice
  • A back link to your personal site
  • Enquiries from our website to your own email address
  • Free announcement of your job vacancies on our site
  • Registration of your company in each category you offer your services

A banner ad gives extra traffic to your website. It’s an effective  way to give exposure to your website at very low cost. Banners are  always one of the first things that viewers see on a webpage. Banner  appears at our home page or at the search result pages in different  sizes and they link directly to your website. For banner availability  and prices please contact us.

This is a way to create quality, relevant back-links to your web site. You can drive targeted traffic and help your link popularity which is a top factor in organic search engine rankings. The text links are placed on the bottom of the home page. Only relevant text link accepted. 

The more anchor texts, the better. Links contribute directly to a site's domain authority and help it rank higher on search results.

For pricing and more info send your request at info@sedinvest.com.

Article marketing helps you gain reliability as an “expert” in the eyes of potential clients and increases your chances of being seen and chosen by competent clients. For time being we provide this opportunity for our clients without any extra charges. You can post several articles during your subscription. 

Every subscriber will also receive:

  • Login details  in order to manage news, articles, events and announcements at their own time.

Firms ca now also be listed on the homepage on our "Featured Listings" section in order to increase their visibility.

Videos boosts conversions and sale . Video marketing is a significant tool in order to promote firms' corporate identity, information, news and updates on a more communicative way. We provide this option to firms interested in standing out and increase their visibility among our visitors.


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