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Either if you want to register a company, register your yacht or buy a property in Malta it is vital to find a legal consultant which you can trust. In our directory you can search for a lawyer in Malta by location by name or by area of practice.

How to search for a legal firm through our legal portal

Our legal directory aim to facilitate the search of each individual around the world that seeks to find a lawyer in Malta. The search of lawyers in Malta is a process that can be time consuming especially if you have no legal connections in Malta. To employ a competent and qualified Maltese lawyer is the first essential step for your business endeavors in the island. 

  • In our directory you can search for a lawyer in Malta by location by name or by area of practice. Every premium listing of a legal firm has its own contact form, which you can use to send your legal request or any other relevant question you may have. The contact forms are directly connected with the lawyer’s email address.   In a reasonable time you will receive an answer from the legal professional. 
  • We strongly advise our website visitors to provide as much details in their enquiry to the listed lawyers so can get a more precise and accurate response. Also do provide your contact details in order to facilitate the communication with the lawyer. 
  • You can off course also send your enquiry to several legal firms, in such case you’ll have further choices and more likely you’ll find a lawyer in Malta that fit your needs and meet your requirements. 
  • Before you make your choice we recommend you to read the firm’s business profile, see in which areas of practice they are specialized in and also follow the link to their website in order to get a comprehensive picture of how the lawyer can assist you with your legal enquiry. 
  • On the legal firm’s premium listing you can find full contact details, overview, logo, areas of practice and a Google map in order to help you locate their offices. Also note that the majority of the legal firms in Malta are very familiar with internet and various social media and other applications so they are easy to find either on Skype, Viber and other. Communication across the borders is today very easy and immediate thanks to the technology.
  • Our Malta legal portal offers the opportunity to lawyers to speak about their services through legal articles and other postings and updates about their firm in such way you can follow the firms course and see where they are specialized in.

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