Why Lawyers in Malta

Why Lawyers in Malta

Lawyers in Malta can offer to foreign investors incomparable financial and business incentives. The high qualified legal professionals can assist any prospective client in any corporate or legal matter.

10 Advantages of relocating to Malta and choosing a Maltese lawyer

  1. English is the official business language which facilitates the communication, not only with Maltese lawyers but with any professionals in the island. Malta is also celebrated for its Multilanguage characteristics. French, Italian, German, Arabic and Spanish are extensively spoken. 
  2. Malta as a member of EU offers all well-known benefits of an EU-jurisdiction. Beyond that Malta has more than 40 double taxation agreements with several countries worldwide. 
  3. Malta has a healthy and elastic legal and regulatory framework, with all corporation laws and regulations published in English
  4. Among their business advantages are also the fact that there is no property tax, no inheritance or wealth tax
  5. Professional Investor Funds are released from paying Maltese capital gains and income taxes, which means that non-resident investors in Malta are not obliged to pay any income tax in Malta. 
  6. Let’s not forget to mention that legal firms in Malta has gained good chances to develop their professional services due to the robust economy and the steady political background in the island.
  7. More precisely Maltese lawyers can assist foreign clients with the Residence and Visa Programme intended for Non- EU/EEA/Swiss nationals that desire to reside, settle or stay for an indefinite period in Malta. The Malta residence visa give also to the beneficiary the prospect to travel within Schengen area which includes 26 member states without applying for a visa each time. 
  8. Lawyers in Malta are also very competent and qualified in real estate law. Maltese lawyers can with ease assist you to buy a property in Malta. Buying a property in Malta is a splendid investment movement.  The island of Malta is yearly visited by thousands of tourist, it is a financial center, has multiple tax advantages and a steady banking system. These factors make it easy for any purchaser to re- sell or rent the property.
  9. Legal firms in Malta are well familiar with recognizing and addressing national and international tax matters, organizing transactions in order to avoid or minimize taxes in each relevant jurisdiction.  Maltese lawyers do also have experience in representing clients in tax implications matters and the majority of the firms have connections with the Inland Revenue and VAT Departments International Tax Planning in order to help you with challenges to tax returns.
  10. Last but not leas lawyers in Malta are vastly experienced in Tax planning , with the use of Maltese International Trading Companies, Holding Companies, Trusts to legally minimize taxation of business operations.  With other word Maltese lawyers can guarantee to work out independent customized personal or business tax solutions either for small sized businesses or big sized that seek to expand  in the international market.

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